Do I feel safe in my body?

What a strange question! It would never have occurred to me to ask this question and I’m grateful for the prompt – which came from Episode 3 of the Transcendance documentary on Gaia. I needed it. The monsters are attacking me again. The claws and teeth of judgemental thoughts are scratching and biting. “Bad mother….

Day 86: Fifteen Lessons from quitting drinking and sugar. Lesson 1: Lagom

I have 15 blogs left between now and completing my alcohol and sugar-free experiment and since I’ve learned so much from the process, I thought I’d share some of the best lessons in these last blogs. Here’s the first one: Lagom A Swedish concept, “The Law of Lagom” describes something that is ‘just enough’ or…

How to think positively when you don’t feel positive (Podcast)

We know there is benefit in positive thinking but what if you’re just not up to it right now? Are you doomed to a life of dissatisfaction and discontent? No. But negative thinking pretty much guarantees it. This post is about shaping your thinking to be ‘productive’, rather than labelling it as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’….