Is it possible?

Could we be just like dragonflies?

Probably not the question you were expecting but here’s what I’m really asking: is it possible that the ‘human body’ part of our lives is part of a larger life cycle and that we experience some sort of metamorphosis when we get to the end of this part?

I know. I’ve gone full scale woo-woo but if you can be bothered, stick with me and see what you think.

I’ve found lockdown life difficult and I’ve upped the ante on my search for inspiration and strength to help me get through it. My search led me to the teachings of Abraham Hicks and I’ve also been learning about ‘energy’ and ‘energy healing’. I can’t profess to understand any of it right now but I can say I feel better and my behaviour is better too.

Before talking about Abraham Hicks, I should tell you that although ‘Abraham Hicks’ sounds singular, it is plural – made up of Jerry and Esther Hicks (human) and Abraham (energy). I really wanted to write this without explaining anything about Abraham. I still feel like a fruit loop talking about it but unless I explain the whole ‘collective’ thing, you’ll think my grammar has gone haywire in the next paragraph.

Anyway, Abraham Hicks say we come from source energy and that source energy is always with us, although most of us have become so attuned to the physical world that we have lost touch with that source energy. They teach about the Law of Attraction and other ‘universal laws’, stating that we can do, be and have anything we want, simply by thinking about it. We can even heal ourselves of disease.

I’d love to buy into this idea. I mean, how great would that be? It basically makes us all superheroes! But, considering Jerry Hicks died of Leukemia – and had chemotherapy as part of his treatment – I’m guessing there are some holes in the theory.

Yet, my experience is showing me that there is also truth there. As I work on my energy and try to connect more with my intuition, strange things are happening and lots of things are working out for me. Of course, I don’t need to believe in the whole human/energy thing to know that beliefs change experiences and positive thinking attracts positive results but what if it’s possible there’s truth to the woo woo bit too? Is it possible there’s more to life than what we can see, hear, feel, taste, and touch?

That’s where the dragonflies come in.

Dragonflies live up to 4 years of their lives underwater as nymphs before coming to the surface, shedding their skin and becoming dragonflies. Now, let’s imagine for a moment that dragonfly nymphs have consciousness. How difficult might it be for the nymph to believe in life beyond the water? Would this underwater existence feel like it was connected to anything? Would there be a point to it at all? If you were the nymph, how hard would you have to work to believe in the possibility of something more when there was no evidence in the underwater murk to confirm this possibility?

So that’s what I’m wondering. Could this just be part of our lifecycle; our ‘underwater murk’ and we’re unaware of what came before or will come after?

Is it possible? I think it might be. Although I’m not ready to jump on board with the idea, I’m not ready to rule it out either.

What do you think?


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  1. simplywendi says:

    I think this is a beautiful thought.

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