Day 88: Lesson 3 from quitting booze and sugar. Have a mantra.

I’ve never been one for mantras but wow! They’re pretty handy little things if you have good ones!

I had two to help me when I quit drinking.

Neither of them is original but as soon as I heard them, they really resonated with me. The first was from “The Unexpected Joy of being Sober” by Catherine Gray. She said:

A thought can’t make you drink

It was the perfect mantra to cut my cravings off at the knees whenever they came running at me. Instead of driving myself mad with the “how long can I keep fighting this?” question. I recognised the distance between the thought and my decision to act upon it. That distance proved extremely powerful.

The second came from the Sober Diaries in one of the parts where Clare Pooley was talking about the “wine witch” and she told herself to:

Never question the decision

Since questioning the decision was always my kryptonite, this mantra was perfect in those early days when all I had was evidence of previous failures and no proof that this time would be any different.

I enjoyed using these because they helped me cut through the noise in my mind and keep a straight line between my goal and my choices. Mantras are such simple, elegant little tools to have in your arsenal whenever you need them – the swiss army knives of thought!

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