Day 73: Making the most of energy flow

I’m untidy.

A fact that matters far more than I thought it did.

I already knew that surroundings and environment could have a big impact on behaviour – if you’re in doubt, consider your answers to these questions: Do you think and behave the same way in an office as you would in a football stadium? How about a children’s play park? If you’re a drinker, could you abstain from drinking as easily in a bar as you could in a coffee shop?

Environment plays such an important role in shaping behaviour that I included it in my habit change model but, until watching Marie Kondo’s “Joy of Tidying Up”, I wasn’t thinking deeply enough about it.

I’ve never been one to think of things as “having an energy” but since watching the show and implementing some of the ideas, I’ve noticed a change in the way things feel.

Where previously I would walk into the kitchen, my office, the living room or my bedroom and get a little jolt of “ugh, I need to do something about that”, now things feel calm and soothing (well, the kitchen feels calm and soothing – it’s going to take months to get the whole house feeling that way).

It’s easy to see how, in the long term, this would leave you feeling more alert, more energetic, happier and more balanced – which, of course, leaves a lot more energy to focus on the other things you’re working towards. It’s also weird how a clean and organised environment makes you feel like a more capable person. Just looking around me, I feel like a better version of myself.

I thought I was saving energy by avoiding chores. Turns out I was leaking energy every minute of every day in my efforts to ignore all the things I would eventually be forced to face.

It’s a big job ahead but one I’m excited about taking on. Step 1 involves getting rid of all items that neither bring joy nor serve a valuable purpose. I think I might need a skip!

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