Day 65: Teaching to learn

I am a trainer by trade – not the fitness kind, the leadership and communication kind. I am good at my job and I think that’s because I believe wholeheartedly that anything is possible.

That said, I didn’t realise until recently that I believe that much more about other people than I do about myself. When other people tell me about the problems they’re experiencing and the things they want to change, I see nothing but possibilities. It all seems completely do-able. Yet I don’t always see things that way in my own life – not unless I look at it through the lens of the advice I offer others.

I have always felt that if I am to maintain integrity, I can only offer advice I am willing to use. What’s interesting is that sometimes the advice goes before the learning. Sometimes I need to teach it in order to learn it. Once I have advised someone else that it works, I believe it more deeply and put it into practice more easily.

In many ways, it’s what I am doing with this blog – even though this can’t strictly be described as teaching. Sharing my learning cements the lessons in my mind and creates a sense of accountability. “I said I was going to do this, I said I was facing that, I said these things were important“… and instantly my commitment is elevated. I’m sure there are millions of people who feel more accountable to themselves than others but I am not one of them. I have always seen myself through the eyes of others – for many years, this was the root of some of my greatest weaknesses but once you know things about yourself you can use them to better effect.

Writing a blog and creating training courses that address lessons I have learned and am learning provides a unique opportunity to pull my life forward, to reach into my mind and find my inner mentor instead of my inner critic. Every time I write, I imagine the post making a difference in the life of someone reading it. It has only just occurred to me that regardless of reader numbers, likes and comments, there is always one person for whom the blog makes a difference. Me.



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