Day 64: I’m going to get very good at juggling!

Managing emotions with food and booze creates very bad habits. Of course there’s the obvious one – running away from emotions – but once you learn to eat without hunger and drink without thirst, those habits embed all over the place.

Every time I hit a snag in my writing, face a challenge at work, get bored with what I’m doing or get stuck in some way, up pops the urge to eat. Until a few days ago, I’d be standing in front of the fridge or grabbing a biscuit from cupboard before I’d even had a chance to blink.

Arguably, these moments still fall under the heading of using food to mask emotion but these are not emotions I feel compelled to agonise over. They’re simply moments where I need to replace a bad habit with a more productive one.

Step forward, juggling!

I recently completed Jim Kwik’s Superbrain course where I learned that juggling is a great way to expand your gaze – essential for speed reading – and develop your brain.

Since I’m learning to speed read, it makes perfect sense to practice juggling. It gets me up from my desk, breaks boredom patterns, keeps me away from the munchies and at the same time helps me develop a skill I’d like to master and makes my brain bigger. What’s not to love?

Plus, I’ll have an actual party trick!


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