Day 45: No Wine Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day. I hate Valentine’s Day but I still participate. Somehow, despite having a year-round loving relationship, James and I both fall into the trap of this commercial holiday.

In years gone by, it was a great excuse to indulge in a lovely bottle (or two) of fizz. Under the heading of “it’s Valentine’s Day”, we’d over indulge on a weeknight, guilt-free.

This year, with the obvious option cut off, James got creative – and in doing so, gave me the best Valentine’s gift I could ever have hoped for.  He has booked a day off next week to spend with the kids and me. He did it because I’ve been a bit stressed lately. I’ve got a lot on right now and it’s half term next week so I have to keep everything going with both kids home all day. It was worrying me. This morning he said he booked the day off to be there in whatever way I need. We can spend the day as a family or I can go off and have some time on my own to work or relax. Now that’s a Valentine’s gift!

Oh, and he still got me a bottle of fizz – lemon, lime and mint soda from M&S. It’s blooming delicious!

Valentine’s Day seems silly but being shown how much you matter isn’t silly at all and I wonder how much more love and thought we’d put into our gifts and messages to each other – on any occasion – if we bypassed alcohol altogether.


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