Day 4: Triggers

Three things that would usually lead me directly to the wine:

  1. A death in the family.
  2. My husband and I having the evening to ourselves without the kids.
  3. Friday.

Today includes all three. Bugger.

With the house still packed to the gunnels with leftover holiday hooch, tonight will be a good test of strength and resolve. I expect to pass with flying colours. Then again, it’s 15h36 as I type this so I’m still quite a way off “wine time”. The test is yet to come…

Still, I believe I’ll be able to write “Day 5” in tomorrow’s title line.




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  1. Saguren says:

    Have you tried replacing the habit with a healthy one? I’ve found that replacing a habit I want to get rid of increases success and stops me from feeling like I am depriving myself.

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    1. Big Happy Life says:

      Yes, that’s what I’m doing – I’m actually writing something about it, about creating rituals to replace bad habits. I find it quite effective.
      What habit did you change by replacing ?


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